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BHP Billiton - Iron Ore - Working at Heights - General Worker

1 Day - Max 12 Students

Designed for:
This course is designed for students who could be required to undertake routine procedures involving working at height on a BHP Billiton Iron Ore site. The course exposes students who work at height to a broad range of height risk situations and to correctly implement a safe working procedure.



Pre-entry Requirements:

The Working at Heights General Worker course is designed for students who are required to undertake work at heights on a BHP Billiton Iron Ore site. The course targets the planning and risk assessment processes required for safe work at heights. All students on a BHP Iron Ore site who are working at or around heights must hold this qualification in order to gain the correct understanding of BHP’s permits, policies and procedures.


Specific knowledge is required to achieve the Performance Criteria of this unit, particularly its application in a variety of circumstances in which the unit may be used. This includes knowledge of the following, as required to work safely at heights:

  • The names and functions of equipment, components and materials
  • Equipment manufacturer's instructions and specifications
  • Safe shifting and handling of tools and materials
  • Statutory and regulatory authority requirements
  • The nature of work undertaken at heights
  • Heights safety systems
  • The processes of providing for safe working practices
  • Safety equipment/systems and considerations to facilitate working safely at heights
  • BHP Billiton Iron Ore Working at Heights policies, procedures and permits

Unit of Competency

RIIWHS204D Work safely at heights

Students learning outcomes will be assessed using practical activities designed to simulate the work environment and written or oral questions as appropriate and/or use of a workbook, and practical exercises as appropriate.

Delivery Method:
Classroom theory via PowerPoint presentations, including audio-visual material, practical desktop activities and discussion. Practical components using height safety equipment in a range of work simulated scenarios.

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